our curriculum

As we are a Charlotte Mason based school, the majority of our textbooks are "living books" (well-written historical fiction and/or nonfiction books).  We are always reading, writing, listening and absorbing the English language.

Pre and Emergent readers use the Engelmann curriculum- "Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Lessons". 

Older students work from Jenny Phillip's "The Good and the Beautiful" curriculum for spelling, language arts and creative writing. 

Math is a really fun subject to teach and learn-- we use Life of Fred as an everyday math text.  It is a fictional narrative that follows a kid named Fred while introducing students to essential life concepts.   Because "common core" math standards are assessed in the end of year state mandated standardizing testing, I choose to also use Teaching Textbooks for grades 2+, so each student has individual time spent with a 'standard' math curriculum.  The beauty of Teaching Textbooks is that it is a web-based application that parents can monitor on a daily basis, if they wish.

A large part of our curriculum is based on outdoor Nature Study, which lays the foundation of formal science studies (mostly units from Jenny Phillip's The Good and the Beautiful) as well as art, writing and careful observation.

History is taught using the Simply Charlotte Mason 'Years of History, Geography and the Bible'.

A significant portion of classroom time will be spent with the students exploring, researching, designing and creating their own units.  For example, we will be embarking upon a student-led Journalism unit this year (2019-2020) that centers around learning the skills needed to create a successful YouTube channel.

Real-World Skills ( wellness, yoga, meditation, cooking, sewing, gardening, canning, foraging, first aid, woodworking, etc.) are also an important part of our school.

We attend a Health and Wellness class led by Amanda Riley of Blissful Balance one afternoon a week.  Parents are encouraged to join us.