We are quickly growing and pushing the boundaries of our current location, therefore actively looking for the perfect location for Phase 2 of AWS: "Awakening Spirit Farm School".  This will be an acreage where our students will have a home-like classroom, forests, fields and a farm to explore and learn in. 

When we move to this new location, our schedule will shift into a YEAR-ROUND school schedule! 
Our hours will also lengthen to be from 8:00/9:00am-3:00/4:00pm (with a staggered schedule to accommodate all families).  Our tuition will increase accordingly with the expanded school year.

We will add one additional Roadschooling trip a year.  

Now accepting pre-enrollment registrations. 

Please email amy@awakeningspiritschool.com  to request more information!

Future Plans:  "Awakening Spirit Farm School"  (tentative open:  fall 2020)

Home-like Classroom Space
By putting the school in a home-like environment, we will keep the cozy, safe and warm setting that makes our school something different.  With the expansion, we will be able to have separate study rooms for older students who are working on independent projects, and a playroom for younger ones to burn off some energy. 

Our current classroom animal friends will transition with us to the new location.
Farm Animals
We will introduce chickens, goats and other farm animals slowly.  Students will research breeds, design and even build enclosures that are appropriate for the animals and our cold MN weather.

Goats, chickens and perhaps even a rescue pony or llama will join our farm family.
Community Garden
Students will lead a student team in planning, building and planting and harvesting our Community Garden, which will also be available for all school families to use.
Labyrinths are used to facilitate meditation, prayer and spiritual growth.  Our students will design and build a walking labyrinth that they will be able to use on a daily basis to clear their minds and focus on problems at hand. 
Castle in the Woods
One of the projects that our students are most excited for is building their own Castle in the woods.  I would imagine that this project gets more and more complex each year, as student-led teams tackle different aspects of "the perfect fort".
The world needs more honeybees, so in addition to planting pollinator-friendly flower gardens, we are going to research and design our own Honeybee program.  Using local experts, we will learn about beekeeping and eventually be able to care for our own hive.
Outdoor Classroom
Free play outside is invaluable, but having space to make a dedicated outdoor classroom will be an amazing way to continue our nature studies and outdoor education in depth.
Martial Arts
Weekly martial arts provide mindfulness practice, focus, discipline, self-confidence, and work ethic along with the actual self-defense skills that kids need to protect themselves.