Student Supply List

Our School Supply List is a bit different than a traditional school’s. I will provide all classroom consumables (pencils, folders, paper, etc.)

I’ve listed my own, kid-tested brand preferences where applicable.  While not at all required, it’s sometimes nice to have some recommendations if you’re going to invest in quality outdoor gear.  If you’re having a hard time finding affordable options, we are happy to loan some items for the school year and/or help you source some secondhand. 

Outdoor Gear

(I love Sierra Trading Post for quality discount gear-- they have a new brick-and-mortar store here in Woodbury.  If you order online you can have it shipped there for free).  PLEASE MARK YOUR NAME IN ALL YOUR GEAR.


  • Rain Jacket – waterproof, not water-resistant   (Land’s End, Hanna Andersson, Abeka, Polarn O. Pyret, Frog Toggs all have good options)
  • Rain Pants-  No real recommendation, as long as they fit and are comfortable.  My kids have always preferred the overall kind, but that’s a personal preference.  
  • Rain Boots (we recommend BOGS, as they function as both rain and winter boots.  While they are pricey new, please check with the teacher as we can source them on sale or used condition)
  • Rain Hat- so much more pleasant to play out in the rain with a rain hat. (Polarn O. Pyret has great fleece-lined ear flap model)
  • Rain Mittens – to keep fingers warm and dry on chilly fall and spring rainy days (Polarn O. Pyret, Abeka)
  • Baseball Cap or Sun Hat- to be kept at school for our outings
  • Lightweight Hat (fall and spring)- any material, appropriate for windy fall or spring days
  • Lightweight Gloves or Mittens - these are not necessarily snow mittens, just something to shield the chill on a morning walk (NO “Magic Stretch” gloves—they do not provide any protection from wind at all!)
  • Lightweight/Midweight Jacket- Please make sure zippers are in good working order.
  • Warm Winter Coat- I love the Land’s End down parkas (and you can normally get a good deal in the summer). NO 3-in-1 coats, please.  They are frustrating for kids as the inner layer arms constantly pull out of the sleeves. 
  • Warm Ski Mittens.  Serious waterproof, lined mittens or gloves.  I prefer mittens to gloves, as the individual fingers lose too much heat during snow play- but let your student chose.  Please do make sure to stick YOUR fingers in them before you purchase and think- “would this keep me warm if I was digging in the snow?”.  Swany
  • Warm Hat that completely covers ears.  No polarfleece as it retains moisture and gets cold when kids sweat.
  • Neck Gaiter (no scarves, as they tend to drag and tangle and pull)-  I like synthetic Turtle Fur, or merino wool versions like Icebreaker or SmartWool.
  • Winter Boots (once again, BOGS are the recommendation because they are rated to -40 degrees and can be the only pair of boots you need from fall through spring!).
  • Long Underwear- top and bottom to be kept at school for wintertime excursions.

Classroom Supplies

  • Easy slip-on indoor shoes/slippers (crocs, acorn, haflinger) for the classroom that will stay on feet reasonably well. 


  • A simple zippered or buttoned classroom sweater or sweatshirt, as the classroom tends to be on the chilly side (free of words/messages).


  • A set of extra clothes (including underwear and socks) in case of mud/rain/accident.


  • A Camelbak Eddy Kids .4L water bottle.  Any pattern your child wishes.  This will remain at school-- I will wash them here.  I have replacement straws and tops, so it’s just easiest if everyone has the same bottle style.


  • A sturdy, SMALL backpack with comfortable straps that is sized to fit your child appropriately.  No large packs, or ones with wheels.  I want them to be able to actually carry it on hikes, local field trips and airplanes.  I will never overload it, but straps need to comfortably support a load of a full water bottle, rain jacket, small field notebook and pencils.  I have had luck with packs from JanSport SuperBreak Backpack, Land’s End Classmate SMALL, Fjallraven Mini Kanken


  • A PlanetBox Rover Lunchbox with carrying case (no water bottle) allows for a really easy way for kids to pack their own healthy lunches for our field trip days.  I do have a few extra to loan out for the year.  Please check with me to see if one is still available.  These will also remain at school. 


  • I have very specific classroom consumable preferences, and will purchase all of those supplies in bulk for a discount.  This cost will be included in the beginning of the year start-up costs.  Please do not bring any of these items (notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, etc.) from home.
If you have access to a laptop (a google Chromebook is suitable) for your gr 1-8 student, that would be helpful.  We do have a small collection of donated computers that kids may use for work.

Likewise, if you have any 'neglected' laptops that would love a second home, we would gratefully accept them!