Tuition & Fees (2020-2021)

YEAR-ROUND School Sept-Aug 2020-2021

Drop Off:  (8am-9am window)
Pick Up: (3pm-4pm window)

Mixed-Age Kindergarten (ages 3-6): $12,000 / student (*sibling discounts available)
One-Room Schoolhouse (gr 1-8):  $16,800 / student      (*sibling discounts are available)

*Tuition includes all instruction time, weekly field trips, consumables and healthy snacks and lunches. 
*Tuition does NOT include Roadschooling Fees, which are variable.

2020-2021: $8,000 / student  (1st - 8th grade)

Our low-residency option requires a parent who is willing to have a hands-on, active teaching role in their child's education. as coach and content-deliverer.  We have a google classroom set up for our remote students, with weekly personalized lesson plans and support for parent/teachers.  Weekly zoom meetings with AWS staff and students keep our remote kids an important part of our community.  This is a perfect option for a full-time roadschooling family, or a family with medical needs that keep them from attending school in person.

School Calendar 2019-2020

Roadschooling Fees

Roadschooling (overnight- either weekend or week-long trip are optional, but encouraged) fees and activities are separate.

Before any Roadschool trip, expenses will be projected, so your family may make the decision to participate.

Historically, Roadschool trips have cost between $600 - $1,300 per week-long adventure.